Thursday, 24 July 2014

Reasons to Rent an RV

Here's a thing if you're a person with disabilities but always wanted to travel the open road on vacation and suit yourself where you stop and when and for how long. You can get RVs that are specially adapted for pretty much you every need.

So even if you are a wheelchair user or have some physical disability that would prevent you from traveling or using a regular RV, you can still get a customized version for the disabled and enjoy the kind of vacation that you always dreamed about!

If Buying is Out of Your Reach

There's only one snag to this wonderful dream you're probably enjoying right now at the very thought of cruising across the country in your perfect motorhome! For someone to buy a brand new handicapped enabled recreation vehicles, you are probably looking at spending more money than you can afford!

Even used RVs that have been adapted this way are extremely expensive to purchase. That is unless you are considering going after a really old model that is probably just about ready to flip over belly up and die on you!

But do not despair. There is an alternative (isn't there always?) that comes to the rescue when you need it.

Renting is Affordable

You can rent an accessible RV that is specially adapted to your needs at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one outright. Depending upon the size and model you choose, the cost can be very affordable and be within your budget.

And the beauty of hiring one of these fully featured motorhomes for your vacation is that you don't need to have such a large vehicle parked and cluttering up your drive for the rest of the year when you are not using it! Not only that, you can avoid the potential problem of neighbors complaining that they don't want to have to look at that huge vehicle blocking their view of your house (but why that would be is anybody's guess).

How do you go about arranging this? Well, you could simply get on the phone and arrange the rental agreement to suit your vacation dates.

Renting is Convenient

Most reputable vehicle hire companies will deliver the motorhome to your home and you can get going free from any worries about how you are going to afford it. Or if you prefer, you can arrange to pick up a recreational vehicle at a pre-determined destination if you want to tour around a certain State that is a ways from you and fly out to pick it up, then fly back when you're done.

There are plenty of reasons for renting a wheelchair accessible RV if you like the sound of the convenience and freedom from hassle of going about it that way. You can find out more about these great vehicles and how to check availability by reading some of the other articles published on this site.

Lastly, the best part of all when you rent one of these babies is you only have the vehicle for the time you need it then you just give it back! That sounds pretty darn convenient to me!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Wheelchair Accessible RV Must Have Features

There are several important features that are necessary on an accessible RV that many users can't do without that we have highlighted for your information. Important though many aspects of this type of vehicle modification are, their ultimate usefulness is really down to the needs of the user.

While there are by no means any truly unusable accessories installed in this kind of vehicle, some are less useful than others while some are vital for the comfort, mobility and accessibility of many users. This article takes the more important ones and focuses on them and their value to the user.

Grab Rails and Safety Rails

Of all the accessories you'll see on a handicap accessible RV, grab rails are arguably some of the most important, especially when they are fixed in the right places. There is nothing quite as embarrassing or potentially dangerous as the lack of solid, dependable hand rails in strategic places where a wheelchair user needs to be able to hold on or anchor themselves in place.

Probably the most obvious of these places is the bathroom area. When transferring from chair to facility, a person just needs to be able to grab hold of something solid and safe without having to worry they might slip and fall and hurt themselves.

The rail needs to be fixed at the right height for the user or it can be awkward or downright difficult to get a firm hold and move safely. Being able to lift themselves across from chair to facility and then back again without having to over-reach or stretch is a basic need than must be met.

Another obvious situation is at the top of the entry door where the user needs to feel safe when using the stairlift or motorized ramp. This is a major safety issue so rails need to be solidly anchored and feel robust and safe.

Bathroom Facility

Back in the bathroom, aside from correctly placed and strongly anchored hand rails, the facilities themselves need to be usable and easily accessible by a wheelchair user. Enough space beside the toilet needs to be available so the wheelchair can be brought alongside of the user to transfer from chair to toilet and back again easily and without any hassle.

The wash basin needs to be at the correct height so the user can reach without over-reaching. The faucet should be easy to turn on and off without any undue stiffness or resistance.

A shower should cater for the needs of the individual user and these will need to have been communicated to the rental company in good time prior to delivery of the vehicle. That means if the user requires a shower seat, one of the correct height and dimensions is included. A user's needs vary in this instance, so the individual requirements should be made clear at the outset.

Entry Access

Getting in and out of the RV is an issue that should always be fully covered prior to receipt of the vehicle. Different makes and models as well as individual customized vehicles will invariably have different specification handicap access ramps or lifts installed.

While some users are able to use a transfer stair lift assembly, others require a full motorized wheelchair lift. It is important to insure the vehicle you are renting has the right access installation for your needs. These needs should be communicated when renting a handicap accessible RV.

Comfort Assured

Sleeping at night and relaxing during the day should be catered for with the correct type of bed, mattress, chairs and sofa that are all easily accessible by a wheelchair user and at the correct heights so that they don't have any problems transferring from and to the wheelchair.

We often fail to notice when an RV bed is at the wrong height until it's too late, so making sure that aspect is catered for before the vehicle leaves the rental company's premises is important. The same goes for chairs and sofa, because comfort is an important feature of enjoying and vacationing in an RV for what it is and its ability to provide an exciting and memorable vacation.

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