Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Renting a Handicap RV

So you have always liked the idea of taking a vacation where you are free to travel wherever you want simply by hitting the open road and letting the direction you take be dictated by no set plan. In short, practically complete freedom to go wherever you want along the many highways of this great country.

The only problem you can foresee is that you will need a suitable vehicle such as an RV and when you are a person with disabilities, you have to wonder if that is even feasible.

Yes You Can!

How RVs Are Customized for Wheelchair Access

Well, happily it is not just feasible but a reality thanks to the availability of handicapped RVs that are specially adapted to enable wheelchair users to get access via powered ramps and get around inside thanks to wider aisles. Not only that, but you are not limited to being a passenger, as these magnificent vehicles can even be adapted for physically handicapped people to drive themselves, although these are harder to find.

The most common form of customization for wheelchair access in RVs is the inclusion of a motorized wheelchair lift or ramp to enable easy access to the vehicle from the road or sidewalk. To operate, you simply lower the ramp to ground level wheel yourself onto the flat platform, apply locks or brakes (if fitted) and raise the platform to the level of the RV's side entrance.

You then simply wheel yourself in through the entryway and position yourself ready for hitting the road either in a specially fitted locking wheelchair bay so you travel in the chair, or transfer to a special seat with space at the side to make it easy to transfer.

RV Adapted for Wheelchair Users

The next thing you'll notice about an accessible RV is the equipment that is adapted for wheelchair users. This includes ample grab rails in the places you need them, wider access aisles, fully functional handicap bathroom and shower, lower kitchen worktops and units and low level light switches and power sockets for convenience.

So now you know that the right type of vehicle is available to you so that you can live out your dream of a vacation on the open road, stopping over wherever you please and not being restricted to having to find a motel or for that matter pay their prices! There is one last thing nagging you and that is that you don't own one of these great handicap RVs.

Renting is Economically Sound

No problem as you can simply rent one! That's right, instead of spending many thousands of dollars to buy an RV that will end up spending most of the year parked up on your drive, or worse, you having to pay to keep it in special a parking lot because your neighbors don't like to see an RV parked in a drive in their street, you can simple rent one!

Handicap accessible RV rentals are made possible by a network of auto rental companies that specialize in this service. They can have your RV delivered to your home and picked up again when you're finished with it just the same and as easily as renting a car.

So if you are considering handicap RV rental as your solution to what is no longer a logistical problem thanks to this service, the open road really can be your ticket to an adventure into the great outdoors as you ride off into the sunset without a care in the world. For more information, please feel free to browse through the several articles published n this blog dedicated to this service and the pleasurable experiences that can be derived from it.

Renting a wheelchair accessible RV can be a dream come true and all you need to do is either check it out online via this website or get on the phone and you could be planning your next vacation like no other you ever had before. How amazing is that?


  1. desperately trying to find a company that we can rent from this summer...can you help put us in contact with one?

  2. I only have the references I've published in the resources page and in the posts on renting in certain states. So far no new info has come to light, but I'll keep checking my sources.

  3. I am also looking to rent a handicapped accessible RV for late November 2014(18th,19th-23rd,24th). I am in MD, any resources would be greatly appreciated !

    1. Hey Michael, I can't make any promises, but I'll see if I can turn anything up for you.

  4. Do you ever sale any of your handicapped rv's with hand controls? We are having trouble finding one.


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