Monday, 28 October 2013

Top 10 Features That Make An RV Truly Handicap Accessible

What actually makes a wheelchair or handicap accessible RV different from a regular RV and suitable for people with disabilities to use on vacation. Or when they need a place to sleep away from home with all the creature comforts of home?

That's something that can be answered easily by anyone who has need of this kind of vehicle for an accessible RV vacation of come kind. But for those that are maybe not so well versed on what constitutes a truly accessible vehicle, here are the top ten major features that defines this genre of motorhome.

Ten Handicap Accessible RV Features:

  1. Motorized wheelchair lift : This is the first feature you generally see that indicates this is a specially adapted vehicle for wheelchair users. Essential for raising and lowering the wheelchair user without the need to get out of the chair when you want to get in and out of the RV.
  2. Grab rails: Abundantly located inside the RV and at the entrance outside to help with keeping steady when transferring from the ramp through the entrance. Inside these are essential to help with maneuvering around the place.
  3. Wide access points and aisles: These are necessary to aid access by the chair and its user without getting stuck anyplace.
  4. Handicap bathroom fittings including toilet, washbasin, and accessible facets all at low level for ease of reaching from a wheel chair.
  5. Accessible shower with seat, wider access and unobstructed floor with water drain channels to keep water inside the enclosure.
  6. Non-slip flooring to help prevent the kinds of accidents that slippery floors have a tendency to bring about. You need to maintain a high level of safety at all times.
  7. Low level kitchen units and worktops with easy access drawers, units and cupboard doors. If you intend doing any cooking or food preparation in the RV, it should be easy to reach everything you need and be able to work on the worktop in comfort.
  8. Adjustable height dining table to suit the height of the wheelchair. Eating at a table that is the right height for your sitting position in the wheel chair is not just necessary, it's essential if you're going to enjoy your meals and eat in comfort.
  9. Low level light switches and accessible power sockets. Nothing is more frustrating that having to reach up for a light switch that can be tantalizingly just out of reach!
  10. A real comfortable bed. OK, maybe not an exclusive feature of our special RV but this is something you need in everyday life. So when you're traveling a lot during the day you need a comfy place to hunker down at night, right?

These are aspects of a truly accessible motor home that you would expect to have available should you decide to rent a wheelchair accessible RV for a vacation or long road trip. There are other cosmetic additions that can enhance the overall experience of using this type of RV and it really depends on what you need in an individual basis.

Do These Features Exist on All Accessible RVs?

It depends on the manufacturer or customizing workshop where the modifications were made, so the short answer is, "It depends." In other words, while the core features will be evident on all truly accessible recreation vehicles, the type and placement will naturally vat according to the model and design layout.

You often find that the best and most evident of these features are found on commercially available vehicles such as handicap RV rental models, or those that are for hire in some form or another. This is probably because the hiring company wants to put out a fully featured vehicle that they expect to gain revenue from and then word of mouth will bring in more recommendations for future business.

Whether you buy or rent a handicap accessible RV, the whole idea of an RV is to have a fully convenient and functional home away from home. Just because it is on wheels doesn't mean it shouldn't contain all the handy and useful features you have become accustomed to in your home.

With that being said, it is pretty clear that the best accessible RVs will have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable vacation on the open road.

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