Saturday, 21 September 2013

Where is a Stair Lift Needed Most?

There are plenty of situations where a wheelchair user or someone with a physical disability that prevents them from climbing stairs comes face to face with the very thing that prevents them from accessing an area they want to go to. As I already talked about some forms of accessibility options for people with disabilities in previous posts, I want to stay on that subject this time out too, because I think it deserves plenty of discussion.

Stairs are a real problem for many people and often all they can do is sit there and stare at them and wait for a kind person or people to come along and help them climb those stairs.

A Very Viable Solution to the Problem

However, there is an option that is available and is fast becoming a regular sight in many public buildings and places where people need to get from one level to another. This option comes in one form or another but collectively, they are generally known as handicap lifts. These small, personal moving platforms or chairs allow individuals to ride up or down stairs in a variety of ways.

For wheelchair users, there are dedicated wheelchair stair lifts that comprise a horizontal platform onto which the wheelchair is rolled, locked in place and then raised along a fixed rail up or down the stairs. I'll be talking about those specialized accessibility devices in a future post, in a load more detail which should be useful to anyone needing to know more about them.

How Are These Lifts Useful?

For those who don't need a wheelchair but still find climbing stairs difficult, the stair chair lift is an ideal solution which allows the user to ride up or down the stairs on a chair which glides along a rail in a similar manner to the wheelchair lift. These special needs lifts are needed most in places where anyone who needs to get up or down stairs but is restricted through their physical condition.

They are useful for people because it basically gives them access to upper floors in their homes (and public buildings) that they couldn't easily get to by themselves. Imagine living in a house and you could only ever use the ground floor through your inability to climb stairs.

I think that then you'll see how suddenly being able to get up the stairs would seem like a miracle to you!

They are a truly great invention and a dignity saver for countless numbers of happy and grateful people, for sure. So research them all you can because it's worth the extra effort to be prepared in advance before you go window shopping in catalogs for one of your own.

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