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Finding a Handicap RV Rental in Minnesota

Trying to find a handicap RV rental in Minnesota can be tough, so here is a guide that makes it a little easier with currently available information. As in many other states across the country, the number of rental companies that offer wheelchair accessible RVs for hire has dwindled considerably from a few years ago, so locating them has proved a tough task for many people.

I'm not going to offer any false promises here: The resources that I knew about have also gone. But by doing some investigation work, I have come up with a list of hopefuls that are well worth contacting.

Creating an RV Rental Resource

Sometimes you can actually create a resource from nothing when you apply the age old concept of demand and supply. If enough people contact a certain commercial RV rental company and demand they provide a wheelchair accessible RV for rent, the company is going to sit up and take notice that, "Hey, here is a business opportunity that needs to be followed up on!"

Remember, all business is driven by the need for products or services. If the need is not there, then the product or service won't be. Or if it is there one day, it'll be gone soon after if no one wants it.

So the trick here is to get auto rental companies to see there is a need for accessible RVs because enough folks want to rent them for their vacations or any other reason for that matter. You do that by force of numbers.

Too many people will read this article or others like it and think to themselves, "I really would like that to happen, but I don't feel like it today, so someone else can do the asking!" That probably happened a lot and could even be why the service has been withdrawn by so many of the companies that used to offer it!

You have a voice and if you want something to change, you got to use that voice or you'll never be heard!

What Can I Do To Help?

What I have done here is put together a short list of possibilities from around the place that have an online presence (website) that can be contacted via the Internet. Right now, these companies might not offer the service you want, but you can be pretty sure that enough folks contact hem requesting the service, they are going to take notice.

Renting a handicap RV should be something more companies offer and they will when more people tell them that's what they want. So really, the question should not be so much of "What can I do to help?" but more of "What can YOU do to help yourself?"

What You Can Do

That's right, you can do a lot to help yourself and the many, many people in similar situations by taking action now. It doesn't take much to visit the websites on the list below and contact the companies listed in each of their "contact" pages and asking them outright of they offer a handicap accessible RV to rent. Then be persistent.

If they say they don't then don't just accept that answer and leave it be. Get right back at them and ask them WHEN they're going to offer that service because you want to rent one and be their paying customer!

When one person does that, the chances are the company will not take a great deal of notice. But when 100 people do that, the company is going to think twice about leaving what could be a lot of money on the table for one of their more astute competitors to gratefully accept!

List of Recreation Vehicle Rental Companies Websites in Minnesota

Below is the list of top websites for Minnesota based auto rental companies that offer RVs. Pester them all into providing you with the accessible motorhome you want to rent and if enough folks do it, eventually one or more of them will crack and give you what you want while doing their business some good in the process. Everybody wins, right?
  1. Lake Region RVs, Inc
  2. Pleasureland RV Centers, Inc
  3. Brambillas, Inc
  4. Shorewood RV Center
  5. Fundarental
  6. BreeZee's RV Center
  7. MN RV Rentals
  8. Southern Minnesota Camper Rental
  9. Honstad RV Rentals
  10. Mikes RV Rentals Inc
Hope that helps you!

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