Monday, 21 October 2013

Wheelchair Accessible Handicap RV Rentals Texas

Trying to find a wheelchair accessible handicap RV rental company in Texas can be a tough job simplified some with the resources you'll find here. While there's no sure fire guarantees of anything these days, you can at least follow a trail that can lead you to uncovering a resource that is not known about in the main.

That's what we're trying to do with this little site here and this post follows on from where I was looking into he same problem for residents looking for accessible RV rentals in California. I understand it can be frustrating to contact companies that used to rent RVs specially adapted for wheelchairs only to find they're not doing it anymore.

Who Rents Handicap Accessible RVs?

This is the big question facing many wheelchair users that needs some answers. And what happened to the companies that used to rent these specially customized vehicles and why did they stop offering wheelchair accessible motorhomes for rent?

I think the most common reason for withdrawing the offer of renting these vehicles is that it probably wasn't very cost effective for the companies. The high cost of purchasing and maintaining these vehicles to the very high standard required for their use may have proved too much for most to keep them going.

But that doesn't mean that nobody is renting anymore and neither does it mean that the demand isn't there, because it certainly is. Where there is a demand for a product or service, the supply usually follows, so the chances are that some investigating will turn up some positive answers.

Searching for a Needle in a Haystack

So I put on my thinking cap and figured if the information is not available where you expect to find it, then go where you don't expect to find it and see where that takes you! Sure, the obvious place to start such a search is with existing rental companies that offer regular RVs for rent and see what they can tell you.

Now the chances are they're not going to have any wheelchair adapted RVs on their books. But they might just know of a business that is local of maybe out of state that does.

So instead of going at this head on and trying to find those elusive handicapped RV rentals, I chose to get together a short list of ten of the top names in RV sales and rentals as a starting point to make the search.

Top Ten RV Rentals in Texas

In the meantime and with the possibility of that information coming to light from other sources, it makes sense to look in some fairly obvious places first.

Below I've listed what I consider to be the top ten RV and motorhome rental companies operating in the state of Texas and provided their website addresses. For launching your own personal search for a rental firm in your own locality, this is a pretty good starting place.
Hope that helps you some.

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