Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Where Would I Find a Good Quality Wheelchair Lift?

If you ever wondered where you will find good quality wheelchair lifts that provide much needed access in building and public places, this article may help. It looks at the concept of accessibility and improvements to existing forms of access.

You may have heard of certain devices that are fitted to staircases that enable the elderly, or those with limited mobility to get up and down them in safety and comfort without needing to call for help. They look like a simple set up consisting of a chair, a rail mounted the length of the staircase and a small electric motor to move the chair up and down the stairs.

But what about people who need to use a wheelchair and can't easily get out to hop onto a chair to get up or down the stairs? What's more, what becomes of the wheelchair left at the other end?

Solidly Built Lifts for Wheelchairs

The solution to this problem comes to us in the form of solidly built wheelchair stair lifts, which operate on a similar principle to the stair chair lift. That is except in place of the chair there is a sturdy, horizontal platform that is able to take the wheelchair and its user up or down the stairs.

The platform itself folds away in a vertical position when not in use so the stairs are unobstructed for physically able people to use. They make it possible for wheelchair users to use stairs without help, in safety and with dignity.

Where Do You Find These Lifts in Public Places?

These handy transportation devices are often found in staircases in older public buildings where there is no facility for an elevator. They are also found in places where there is no other way to get a wheelchair from one level to another.

The general idea is to provide good access for wheel chair users that is easy and safe in place of more traditional staircases that most physically capable able bodied people have no real problem with. The idea is pretty obvious really, but it just took someone with the realization that such a thing could become a reality with the inventiveness that exists in abundance but is so often passed by.

As far as inventions that help people in amazing ways go, these wheelchair lifts are a wonderful addition to the incredible creative inventiveness of humankind. Imagine how much further we could take such ideas into the future.

Could you imagine a world where nobody had to rely on mobility aids of any kind to get around? It's possible and it can happen, but it just takes the creativity and application that surely exists to bring such an ideal into the real world!


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  2. My grandma is now in a wheelchair. It has been difficult at times. I think getting a lift would make things so much easier for her to move around her house.
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